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Issue 2 available here: https://amilcardraws.itch.io/demimortals2

June 2022 update: High resolution version available, and spanish version too.

"Where humans meet their creators." The world is changing, a new dating app, Blessinder, allows humans to meet angels, here, on Earth.

In Demimortals you will find short stories (they go from 4-panel style to several comic pages) with biblically accurate angels and humans as protagonists, dating. Some say the price for using it is your soul, but there are many who are more than happy to take the risk.

Follow Bernard and Melastroma, among others, in these wacky and hilarious adventures, sometimes weird, sometimes with... erotic consequences?

This is a +18 book, and it expands the webcomic series, narrated in an organic way, with new content (over half of the book 1 is new stuff), corrections in old stripes, and uncensored scenes, exclusive to the comic book.

Issue #1:

In these 40 pages you will find many short stories, including “I just landed here”, “Scream for me” or “Worth it!”, with Bernard as protagonist. Is dating a throne such a good idea? How about an archangel? And why is he so obsessed with angels, anyway? And what really happened with Gabriel when he had to bring the big good news?

In addition, there’s a gallery with sketches and commentary about the process of making the book.

June 2022 update: includes desktop wallpaper (1920x1080)

If you want other resolutions, let me know!


Buy Now3.50€ EUR or more

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That was really creative and fun X) Loved it!

Hello, thanks for your support, i am very glad you liked it. I have many, many more Demimortals comics in the oven. Stay tuned, bless!